Instant Marketing Toolbox

Yes Yanik, sign me up! I want you to do 90% of the hard marketing work for me while I focus on running my business!

I love it! You've created the absolute easiest and most 'hands-off' way to supercharge my online or offline business. And there's absolutely no way I can lose because of your totally lopsided in my favor "Triple-Strength $50,000.00 - Take-it-to-the-Bank Guarantee":

Guarantee #1: Try out either the Gold or Silver Instant Marketing Toolbox ™ for 10 full days. If I do not honestly believe the first month's tools will put some serious money in my pocket, I can simply cancel and you'll never charge me. PLUS - I can keep every one of the bonuses for my good faith.

Guarantee #2: If I stick around longer - I'm still not locked into any long-term commitments. I can cancel my Instant Marketing Toolbox™ membership at anytime after the first 10 days. If I don't think you deliver - you don't deserve my money! That means I'm the sole judge, jury and if need be, executioner.

Guarantee #3: If I make a diligent effort to use the monthly tools over 12 months, I'll generate at least $50,000.00 in profit over the course of the year. That's a bare-bones minimum of $50,000 in extra profits I'd never have seen without using these tools and techniques. If not, then you'll send me a check right on the spot for a refund of every month's membership fee. (I only have to show proof of applying the tools in my business.)

Here's a quick rundown of what's included in each membership:

Silver Instant Marketing Toolbox™ Membership - only $19.95/month

A tremendous vale for less than a cup of coffee a day. Inside the basic Silver membership you'll get:

  • A new proven, and pre-done marketing "tool" to instantly skyrocket your bottom line.

Plus - 2 powerful bonuses:

Bonus #1: Advanced Instant Sales Letters
Not available for any price, anywhere - this collection of "under-the-radar" sales letter templates are the "atom bombs" of marketing. These are not your typical sales letters by any stretch.

Bonus #2: 7 Hidden Psychological Factors To Persuade Customers to Buy NOW!
This is a rare interview conducted with the nation's foremost authority on persuasion, Dr. Robert Cialdini. Dr. Cialdini reveals the 7 most powerful psychological triggers you can use to get customers to say "YES".

Gold Instant Marketing Toolbox™
Membership - only $29.95/month

The best package by far! You'll get everything included in Silver Membership package plus these exclusive extras:

  • Pre-done, ready-to-go, monthly client/customer postcard newsletter or Ezine newsletter

This is one of the absolute best marketing strategies you can ever use - but most people don't have time to create their own newsletter.

  • In-depth Interview With Top, World-Class Business Experts

Powerful and immediately useable interviews with some of the biggest names in the business world.

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